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Truth and lies from Oshima Yuko.

I hear it’s going to rain today. (This is a lie)

I’m waiting at your house, cooking some food. (This is a lie)

Oh, there’s a burglar in your house! (This is a lie)

I want you to sink your teeth into the TV on TBS at 20:57* (This is true)

#ヤメゴク [Yamegoku]

* I’m a day late with this as Yamegoku was actually on yesterday, but whatever.

Sae-chan celebrates her friend’s new drama.

Everyone look!!(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))✨

Amazing isn’t it? It’s amazing..( ; ; )❤️

I’m proud!! This is my proud dear friend✌️😁
I’m looking forward to the new drama👩👧👦
#ヤメゴク [yamegoku] #4月16日 [April 16th]

Congratulations to Yuko for landing a leading role in a drama!

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