Sae-chan’s graduation blog post.

Here is a translation of Sae-chan’s blog post from yesterday.

To all the fans who are always supporting me.

Today, on Fuji TV’s “FNS Song Festival”, I was allowed to announce my graduation from SNH48, SKE48 and the 48 Group.

Many other artists were performing. All the fans who support those artists had to listen so I deeply apologise for the graduation announcement.

Also, to those at Fuji TV, I thank you for preparing the setting for my graduation announcement. I can’t thank you enough.

I’m also sorry to my fans for surprising you.

I’ve been aware of my graduation for the last few years, but I really started thinking about it properly from the beginning of 2015.

I don’t know what words I should use or what I should say under the current circumstances, but I thought that now was the time to reassess my life from here on once more and take that step.

I will definitely be in the AKB48 Group for 10 years. Therefore, I thought that I’d like to be a member of the 48 Group until the month of April in which I joined AKB48 as a second generation member (April of 2016 is exactly 10 years★).

I want to hold in my heart the various emotions, willpower and feelings of gratitude I held onto during my 10 years in the 48 Group and fight on as a new me so that I can dedicate them to the 48 Group from me, Miyazawa Sae, during next summer’s musical, “Crest of the Royal Family”, which I am preparing for!!!!!

Details of the graduation will be worked out now, but there is still a chance to meet the idol Miyazawa Sae (^_-) so don’t worry★★★

Though I’ve heard that the time goes in the blink of an eye. Therefore, now more than ever, I’m going to treasure it.

The members have my gratitude for the support of someone being beside me.

The staff and managers have my gratitude for the people who argued my opinion and discussed things while crying together even when I was being selfish.

The fans have my gratitude who cheered for me and supported me and shared the happiness, sadness and frustration whatever the time, in whatever form, however I was behaving.

It has no form yet, but in my heart I want to start preparations so that I can properly return the favour to everyone.

Let’s save the tears until the end so that the remaining time can be spent with lots of smiling faces.

I’m going to do my best until the end as a unique idol who can leave a new history in the idol world!!ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ lol ❤️

I’m very sorry for announcing it it such a way.

After turning round and looking back on the long past up to now, I’m going to properly face forwards and start to walk.

Please somehow support me, such that I am, from now on as well.

There are lots of things I want to say and talk about but I can’t put the words together any more than this.

Thank you for reading.

Miyazawa Sae



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  1. Good for her. I’m gad she is exiting at the top (well, near relatively)
    I always remember her part in the first AKB doc film, and what she had to say about her style.

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