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SKE48 & NMB48 singles on sale (via Sae-chan).

SKE48 17th single!💿
“Coquettish Juutai Chuu”
On sale day!!!!(o^^o)🎉✨

Congratulations also to NMB for their [single going] on sale🎎💕

Today is a festival at Pacifico Yokohama( ̄+ー ̄)

#SKE48 #コケティッシュ [Coquettish] #NMB48

Sae-chan reminisces.

I had a meal with mammy and walked to Megurogawa and saw the evening cherry blossoms(OvO)🌸 It’s already spring…

I was reminiscing about yesterday all through the day.
To do it that much it, yesterday must have been a happy day💕
I don’t reminisce often, but I’m reminiscing about Chikyuu Gorgeous…🌎✨

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Sae-chan officially in senbatsu sousenkyo.

Sorry that I’ll be taking a break from the handshake events over the next 3 days.
I just received the senbatsu sousenkyo applicant notification from my manager!✨
The sousenkyo is a festival🎌 Let’s all look forward to it✌️❤️

#総選挙 [sousenkyo] #立候補 [candidacy]

Sae-chan in 40th single senbatsu.

An announcement was made at AKB’s solo concert!
I was chosen to be among the senbatsu* members for the AKB48 40th single “We will not fight”!✨
This single includes a sousenkyo* voting ticket.

I’d better hurry and send in my sousenkyo application form(OvO)👐✨

Let’s,,, try our best❤️👍

* I’m making the assumption that anyone reading this will know what “sousenkyo” and “senbatsu” mean.

Sneezy Sae-chan.

I can’t stop sneezing.
My nose won’t stop running.
I put tissues up my nose, ground them around too much and hurt the inside of my nose.
The medicine is 1 tablet per day but it was tough so I took another.
Hayfever is tough.(´・_・`)

Sae-chan’s power injection.

I’ve been at NHK the whole time from 10 this morning
until now o(`ω´ )o

I went outside for the first time in ages☀️→🌙
,,,however I have one more job to do💪💪

Let’s do it.

Kashi Power injection💓💉

And here’s Yukirin’s corresponding tweet.

I’ve been recording at NHK since this morning😗

I was able to meet Myaazaa-san😘
Myaazaa-san is pretending to be angry☺️

Sae-chan farewells Nakanishi Yuka and Sato Mieko.

At the wonderful graduation performance, I couldn’t help but,,, ( ; ; )
Those two always helped me.
I’m glad I could join SKE with those two as members. I’m glad I was in the same team.

The two of them waving their hands at their last stage,
and the two of them after the performance had finished.

I love them( ; ; )❤️

Sae-chan heading to graduation performance for Nakanishi Yuka and Sato Mieko.

SKE48 first generation
Nakanishi Yuka★Sato Mieko
Graduation performance

Is starting.

I’m going!!!!!!!(*^^*)

#SKE #チームS [Team S]

#中西優香 [Nakanishi Yuka] #佐藤実絵子 [Sato Mieko]

AESub releases AKBINGO! episode 329 subs.


AESub has released an English sub of AKBINGO! episode 329.

Torrent (60 FPS, also a link to softsubs on this page)
Dailymotion (29.97 FPS)

I would normally link to a group’s page but, as far as I can tell, AESub don’t have one. If anyone does know of one please let me know.

Update 2015-03-25: There are now softsubs available, linked on the above torrent page.

Don’t forget about Sae-chan!

The days that I’m not meeting fans are continuing and I’ve got really lonely… I’m worried that everyone will forget about Sae T_T Even though I’m proud of my fans( ; ; )

Yesterday and today I’ve been really improving at the Gala Concert* rehersals (._.)❤️ Look forward to the 29th!!

* Chikyu Gorgeous 20th Anniversary Gala Concert.

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