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Sae-chan on the SKE48 documentary.

From tomorrow the SKE48 documentary movie will be shown more and more!!
I hope lots of people see it and SKE48 is spread to and loved by lots of people.

It’s a movie packed with the glamour of SKE who even now don’t forget the hard work!

Just where did Rena’s shoe end up?


There was an interesting thought from Denny Sinnoh in the comments of my earlier post about Matsui Rena’s shoe flying off on last week’s Music Station.

Where did the shoe land?

The Music Station set can seem to be a large and confusing place at times with small pockets of audience in various places, so I watched the video again and it seems that her shoe landed at the back right of the stage as you can see from the long shot above.

So no free idol shoe for a fan, unfortunately. At least it didn’t land on another member’s head.

Speaking of Music Station, AKB48 are on this week performing “Green Flash”.

AKB48 Theatre’s one-millionth guest.

Congratulations to the AKB48 Theatre who have just had their one-millionth guest! You can read more about it at ARAMA! Japan and there are a couple more photos at Oricon.

Snot and comedy from Sae-chan.

The long-distance work is finished(OvO)

Aah. I’ve got hayfever(-_-)
My throat is itching and my nose is running(-_-)

Help me.

She followed this shortly after with:

Everyone saying
“Your face lolol”
“You’re an idol lolol”
in reply to my photos earlier was annoying so I took some normal ones.

Damn!( ̄+ー ̄)

#実はちっとも怒ってない。[not really annoyed at all.]


There are lots of people who don’t know what “Saelium” is so I’ll explain!!
It’s the support goods at concerts called “Sailium”1.
In SKE you have your own Sailium colours!
Sae’s colours are “yellow” and “light blue”!!
These two Sailium colours have the nickname “Saelium”2.

Retweet please!

1 Glow sticks. Derived from the brand name “Cyalume”.
2 Sae-chan often changes “sai” in words to “sae”, for example in the name of her Twitter account (“oyasuminasai” means “good night”).

More Sae-chan support.

And today in Yamaguchi there were lots of “Sae uchiwas” and “Sae towels” and “Saelium”*…❤️( ; ; )I was really happy!!
Really, thank you very much.

I must try more and more as an idol to increase the number of people who support me!

* Explained in the next tweet.

Sae-chan loves Team S!

Tour in Yamaguchi☆It was the best!!( ^ω^ )❤️
Nippi and Mie-chan are graduating in 1 month but it was a concert to give them a push.
How many times this year have I thought Team S are the best..? I’m in two groups* but I love Team S!😖

* kennin.

[tweet align=’center’]

Sae-chan female fan appreciation.

I spotted lots of “Sae uchiwas*” and “Sae towels” in Saga(OvO)❤️I was happy!!They were aaall girls💕I was too happy!✨
I was surprised when I spotted the occasional guy❤️

Thank you(≧∇≦)

* A kind of plastic fan often seen at concerts with idols’ photos on.

Team S in Saga.

Team-S Saga concert!!✨
It was reaaally great fun.( ; ; )❤️
Because of the warm atmosphere and support from all the fans we were able to give a fantastic concert! Thank you!!

Tomorrow is Yamaguchi!!
Nippi1 and Miepi’s2 last.

1 Nakanishi Yuka, graduating in March.
2 Sato Mieko, also graduating in March.

Shoeless Rena.

I didn’t notice this happen when I first saw it, but here’s an animated GIF of Matsui Rena’s shoe flying off near the end of “Coquettish Juutai Chuu” on Music Station.

If you look closely you can also see it coming down over to the right when the camera angle cuts.

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