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Akarin and Haruppi in Halloween Night video.

Akarin and Haruppi got to be part of a Halloween Night lineup with the rest of the senbatstu members* for the latest Wonda Coffee commercial. They even got their own costumes (not just dancing coffee cans).

This was especially nice for Akarin as she was disappointed by not being part of a Halloween song when her birthday is on 31st October.

Videos can be seen here and here.

* Sayanee seems to be missing so I guess it was filmed while she was having her throat problems.

Gatanee’s special Janken training.

“Special training”. It’s the first participation in the Janken tournament and, furthermore, Nishigata is the only member taking part. Therefore, she can take the seat of the Janken queen of the whole NGT48 group without restraint. This is Gatanee’s training from hell until she wins consecutively against every member…

Rena’s new Ameba blog.

Rena has started a new blog at Amebla with the following contemplative post:

From today I’ve started an Ameba blog, I’m Matsui Rena.

Yesterday I graduated from SKE48, from today it’s a fresh start. A new start. I’m setting sail.
September has the image of a new school term.
The days of the air tinged with heat are gone and it’s become very cool.
Perhaps it may rain. Ah, It makes me feel like summer is over.

A new season, a new life, a new me.

I don’t think I’m going to change things suddenly, but change calmly, so I’ll just be myself.
I think that to experience something is to feel it at the right time.

I’m going to do my best so that I can give everyone a good report.
Please wait for me, alright?

Takamina takes “dogeza” to the next level.

Dogeza is the deep bow seen in Japanese culture in which someone apologises by kneeling on the floor with their hands and head on the floor in front of them.

After a recent magic trick mishap during the performance of Halloween Night on Music Station, Takamina shows us that there is an even more humbling form – lying completely flat on the floor.


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