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Akarin and Haruppi in Halloween Night video.

Akarin and Haruppi got to be part of a Halloween Night lineup with the rest of the senbatstu members* for the latest Wonda Coffee commercial. They even got their own costumes (not just dancing coffee cans).

This was especially nice for Akarin as she was disappointed by not being part of a Halloween song when her birthday is on 31st October.

Videos can be seen here and here.

* Sayanee seems to be missing so I guess it was filmed while she was having her throat problems.

AKBINGO! episode 212 English sub.


Here are softsubs for AKBINGO! episode 212. This episode features guests from HKT48. Once again, thanks to AIDOLMayuyu for QCing.

English subtitles (softsub)
Half-san’s Subbed AKBingo Masterlist

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