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Miion English sub extravaganza – Horror Night episode 21 & Gekijourei episode 8.


As mentioned in my last post, a solo subber (by the name of Dystopian) has completed English subs for two of Mukaichi Mion’s drama appearances, so here they are.

These subs are entirely the work of Dystopian (who makes no guarantees of them being perfect) and are just hosted here by request.

AKB Horror Night – Adrenalin no Yoru (episode 21)

Softsub: MediaFire

Gekijourei Kara no Shoutaijou (episode 8)

Softsub: MediaFire

Miion’s Horror Night & Gekijourei incoming…

Another solo subber has sent me the subs for Mukaichi Mion’s Horror Night episode.

I’m not able to get the file hosted just at the moment but it should be up in a couple of days.

Update: I have also been sent Miion’s Gekijourei episode subs so they’ll be coming too.

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