Downloading from UploadRocket without being tricked.

The JPON and JPCH sites seem to have started using UploadRocket as one of their mirrors. Unfortunately, this is one of those file hosters that tries to trick you into clicking something else.

In this case, they want you to download and run an executable file. Now it may be that this is a just downloader they want you to use, but in general, running an executable that you’re not expecting is a very bad idea and is a great way to get malware installed on your computer. Even if it is a downloader, you don’t know what else it is doing.

The other problem is that if you’re a Mac or Linux user you won’t be able to use the file without something like WINE, but you shouldn’t do that anyway for the reason given above.

However, it is possible to work your way through their minefield of fake (maybe) download buttons and get to a direct download link.

Note that the site may change over time (it already has once since this was written) so even if the exact steps change from what’s given here, this should still serve as a guide as to what to look for and what to avoid.

Step 1

Do not click any of the green or blue buttons. Instead, click the grey button at the bottom of the page called “Click for Free Download”. Note that the first time you click this (or in fact anywhere not on the other buttons) the page will just scroll back up to the green button. Click the grey one again.

Step 2

uploadrocket_006 uploadrocket_009
Click the red “Verify” button and complete the captcha. Then click the grey “Create link from captcha code” button.

Step 3

Close the popup window/tab that opens and click the yellow “Direct Download Link” link at the bottom of the original page. Again, the first click will just scroll the page up so click it again. You can use that link with a download manager if you use one.

  1. sousenkyoisriggedforsashiyukirin#1

    I’ve been asking them to use Mega is the best current file downloading and uploading site but they just ignore me.

  2. notofyourbusines

    install web developer in your browser and use it to get what you want.
    *hint : delete element, for example a div as top layer on site and that famous “glasstop”.
    once u reach the capture code write it somewhere and copy paste it confirming with enter. always check if there is an elemet as a layer above your action and delete that element

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