Gekijourei Kara no Shoutaijou – episode 3 English sub.

I decided to do another one of these so here are the softsubs for episode 3 of Gekijourei Kara no Shoutaijou starring Annin.

Softsub: MediaFire

Posted on 1 November 2015, in 48 Group, AKB48, Gekijourei, Iriyama Anna, Releases, Translation. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Aww thanks it’s here thank you very much!!! DO you have any idea on who’s working on the other episodes? 😀

  2. Ah, thank you!

  3. Thank you for the ep03 subs.

  4. thank you ,could you please translate the EP6?

  5. Hi~ could you translate more please? pleeeease, I’ve watched the other episodes and they were good. (But I didn’t understand much ^^’)

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