Fight! Bookstore Girl – episode 8 English sub.


Here are the English subs for episode 8 of Tatakau! Shoten Girl.


Translation/timing/typesetting: kurobuta subs


Hello!Online – English subtitles
JPCH – English subtitles
Jdramacity – English subtitles

Japanese subtitles (not timed)

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  1. At last!.. I’ve been waiting for this and EP9.. thank you very much for the translations

  2. Just wanted to say, thank you for subbing these every week, it’s really really appreciated. And fast too! Just one week behind broadcast. I’m really very grateful. Enjoying the show a lot and wouldn’t watch it without subs – thanks! 🙂

  3. vampirexxxxx

    Thank you for episode 8


  4. Thanks 4 subbing this episode…

    Still waiting 4 the last episode sub…


    Matur Nuwun…

  5. Thank you 🙂

  6. Thank you for ep08! 🙂

  7. as the same commenters before, im waiting for the 9 episode..hehe..thx for subbing.

  8. This is my only request to you before i die..

    would you mind to subbing on AKBtoXX Mayuki SP (when tey trip to fukuoka) and The recent Jounetsu Tairiku wich featuring mayu

    • I’m going to have a bit of a break now that Shoten Girl is done, but I’ll bear these in mind. Though I think you mean Osaka unless you’re thinking of something else.

  9. Yes! Osaka!^^ My hand is slipped when i typing that lol
    Jounetsu Tairiku already planned to be subbed by show48.. so now my request were just that AKBtoXX^^

    Anyway, thanks for your hardwork for subbing TSG!! You did a great job!! You delighted all mayu’s fans around the world!! Thanks a lot!!

    And your sub is very good too~!!^^

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