My highs and lows from the 41st single senbatsu sousenkyo.


Here are some of my thoughts on yesterday’s election. I’ve put it behind spoiler protection in case you have somehow been able to look at any AKB-related sites today without finding out the results.

Notable Ranks

sashihara_rino_001#1 – Sashihara Rino

Of course, congratulations go to Sasshi for regaining the top spot. This was quite a decisive victory as the gap between her and Yukirin (#2) was 26,866 votes. That’s more votes than most members’ total votes (#23 and below). Such large gaps do seem to be common among the top few ranks, though the gap between Yukirin and Mayuyu was only 1,394 votes.

kashiwagi_yuki_001#2 – Kashiwagi Yuki

I would have liked to have seen Yukirin get #1 because she’s been up at the top for a few years but never quite seems to make it. Still, this was her highest ever rank, so maybe next year…

takahashi_minami_001#4 – Takahashi Minami

I think this is a good result for Takamina. It’s not the #1 she was hoping for, but it’s her best ever rank, putting her firmly back in the Kami7. The gap between her and Mayuyu (#3) was 28,537 votes, though she was 31,963 votes ahead of Jurina (#5).

miyazawa_sae_008#8 – Miyazawa Sae

This is a great result – her best ever. She made a bit of a thing about getting into the Kami7, but the goal she stated in the official guide book was to get her best ever result (previously #9) and she did just that. Like Takamina, a great last sousenkyo. I’m surprised that she beat Paruru, but doing so got her to her goal and she seems to be very happy with this.

#13 – matsumura_kaori_002Matsumura Kaori

Possibly the most relieved person in the dome last night. After edging her way closer to the senbatsu each year and just missing it last time, she finally made it. She had a video camera with her the whole time so I’m looking forward to seeing what she puts up on her YouTube channel (though there’s nothing from last night there yet at the time of this writing).

tani_marika_001#23 – Tani Marika

OK, so making the top 16 probably wasn’t realistic (#11 in preliminaries) but going from unranked to Undergirls is a fantastic achievement. Having said that, I’m surprised that she was unranked so maybe this makes up for it. I hope she can continue to climb.

Notable Victories


Jurina stated in the official guide book that her goal was to see more SKE48 members ranking than AKB48 members, and that is exactly what happened. The counts were conveniently tweeted here (though they don’t include NGT, which is why they only add up to 79) showing that AKB48 had 23 members and SKE48 had 27 members. This brings Jurina one step closer to world domination.

Notable Disappointments

suda_akari_002#18 – Suda Akari

After only ranking #32 in the preliminaries, I was a little worried, but thought she’d catch up and make the top 16 again (last year she placed #10). Unfortunately, she dropped down to #18 this year, just missing out. She took it pretty badly and there were a few sombre faces among the members while she was giving her speech. It was quite a drop but she’s only just out of the senbatsu, so hopefully she’ll be back up there next year.

The full list of ranks is here (English) and here (official, Japanese).

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