Some (possibly completely uninteresting) number-crunching of last year’s election results.

Out of curiosity I put together a spreadsheet to find out exactly how much change there was between the preliminary and final results in last year’s election.

As you can see, the top seven places only changed, at most, by two. In fact, put in the simplest terms, the only changes were:

  • Mayuyu and Sasshi swapped places.
  • Yukirin and Jurina swapped places.
  • Paruru dropped two places, pushing Rena and Sayanee up.

Of course, this will bear no relation to what actually happens this year, but I thought it was interesting.

This is also on Google Docs.

Posted on 24 May 2015, in 48 Group, senbatsu sousenkyo. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Hi – I think you mean the top 7 only changed 1 or 2 places last year… This year looks to be the same – the top 7 spots won’t change much. Happy to see Tani ranking finally! Plus in prelims ahead of Miyawaki is so funny – hope she is savoring it ’cause it won’t last.

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