Sae-chan’s thoughts on the preliminary results.

Sae-chan tweeted her own thoughts on her preliminary place.

Spoiler warning: If you don’t want to see the result then go watch this video of Sae-chan being pied in the face instead.

Senbatsu sousenkyo preliminary results, 13th place! 12225 votes!!
To be that many after just 1 day…(;_;) But it’s not over yet, it all starts now!😊✨

The level is high this year as well 💦 I’m a little un…easy.
But! From now, from now👊❤️
Everyone please cheer for me until 6/5!!

…Oh! I put 4 votes in myself😛lol

#総選挙 [sousenkyo] #SAE48

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  1. Like her and the pie : )

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