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AKBINGO! episodes 318 and 333 English subs (MAR and Nura).


MAR Sub have released AKBINGO! episode 318. Also, Nagatsuki Nura released episode 333 a few days ago which slipped by me somehow.

Cyborg status confirmed.

Just as we suspected, it appears that Mayuyu is, in fact, a cyborg. And there are lots of her…


Shoten Girl episode one: success!

From the Twitter of Mayuyu:

“Fight! Book Shop Girl”
The broadcast of episode one has finished without any problems.
How was it, everyone?

Also, “Book Shop Girl” was trending!
I’m so happy😢Thank you!

Please be sure to watch it next week!!

#書店ガール [Book Shop Girl]

AIDOL & Hello!Fansubs release AKBINGO! episode 156 subs.


It’s a frenzy of AKBINGO! sub releases today. Here’s episode 156 from AIDOL & Hello!Fansubs.

AIDOL (includes softsubs).

MAR Sub releases subs for AKBINGO! 284, 326 and 328.


A triple release of AKBINGO! subs from MAR Sub (English and Indonesian): 284, 326, 328.

Mayuyu celebrates AKB48’s third generation anniversary.

Today, 4/8,
the 3rd generation welcomed the 8th anniversary of our debut.
It seems like a long time but it went in the blink of an eye.

3rd generation is the best! I really love them.

AKBINGO! episode 212 English sub.


Here are softsubs for AKBINGO! episode 212. This episode features guests from HKT48. Once again, thanks to AIDOLMayuyu for QCing.

English subtitles (softsub)
Half-san’s Subbed AKBingo Masterlist

Sae-chan on Port Messe Nagoya handshake event.

Handshake event at Port Messe Nagoya!
Today was same-day tickets but I was glad that all sorts of fans
came( ;  ; )💓
I was happy that fans also came from the Nogizaka46 handshake event at the venue next door❤️✨

Today was hurried but participation was good!

Thank you very much!

Sae-chan celebrates AKB48’s second generation anniversary (really).

Everyone hates it!!!!😜

#エイプリルフール [April Fools’] #4月1日 [April 1st]

It’s the 9 year anniversary of the birth of AKB48’s 2nd generation!🎉
Thank you!!!!!

Still doing it, idol👧🎀

↑not April Fools’!

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