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Variety Clips #3 – Mayuyu vs juice.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think Mayuyu likes her juice.

[AKBINGO! episode 83 – 2010-05-12]
(Sub by AIDOL)

You often see green juice used as some sort of punishment in variety shows. The green in the juice is often from a vegetable known as Goya or Nigauri (literally “bitter melon”) which is very bitter tasting. You can read about it in more general terms here, though the page doesn’t mention its punishment uses.

MAR Sub releases AKBINGO! episode 327 subs.


MAR Sub has released AKBINGO! episode 327 in English and Indonesian.

If AKB48 members keep doing this…

…I’ll have Dragon Night stuck in my head permanently.

Translation: Good morning. #Dragon Night

Sae-chan celebrates her friend’s new drama.

Everyone look!!(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))✨

Amazing isn’t it? It’s amazing..( ; ; )❤️

I’m proud!! This is my proud dear friend✌️😁
I’m looking forward to the new drama👩👧👦
#ヤメゴク [yamegoku] #4月16日 [April 16th]

Congratulations to Yuko for landing a leading role in a drama!

Sae-chan remembers the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Good morning!
3.11. It can’t be forgotten, it’s a day we mustn’t forget.
Today, I’ll do what I can, we’ll all do what we can.
I want to send smiles to lots of people.

It may be different depending on the region,
but the Tokyo skies are clear(^^)

There’s only one sky. We’re all connected.

Variety Clips #2 – Minarun vs cushions.

In this clip, Minarun must jump up and remove the top cushion from the pile below her. Will she succeed? I think we all know the answer.

[AKBINGO! episode 146 – 2011-08-03]
(Sub by AIDOL)

Mayuyu’s first tweet.

Mayuyu has started a Twitter account. Here’s her first tweet.

Nice to meet you! I’m Watanabe Mayu.

Sae-chan desktop wallpaper.


1680×1050 ☆ 1920×1080

I’ve put together a Sae-chan desktop wallpaper, available in two sizes.

Bearing in mind that this is an SKE wallpaper, there are a couple of inconsistencies that I shall point out (before someone else does):

  • The photo of Sae-chan is from when she was in Team K, not Team S.
  • SNH48 is not mentioned.

Image sources:,

AKB food.

Here are some photos of food from the AKB48 cafe in Akihabara. These are from July last year.

Girly Sae-chan.

Here’s a translation of some parts of Sae-chan’s latest blog post.

To write a girly blog post I’ve really tried hard with image treatment and things. lol

Today I’m going to write a more girly entry(⌒▽⌒)✨

Lately, to live in the “Wah! Wah!” and commotion of every day, when I have a bit of time I’ve been quickly looking up beauty things on my mobile. lol

Whatever the time, I want to at least take care of my skin properly.

,,,Although I say that, a fair proportion of the time I sleep with my makeup on. lol

What I say and what I do are completely different… unchilol

At this point there’s quite a lengthy talk (with photos) about various beauty products before she says some more about graduation season (Team S members Nakanishi Yuka and Sato Mieko are graduating this month).

Partings are lonely.
Maybe we can’t just change feelings that easily,,,

These feelings will make me strong again, that’s what I believe.

Therefore, let’s go on without just shedding sad tears. tulip_yellow tulip_red tulip_purple tulip_pink tulip_orange

That’s all!!!!

That was the girly entry( ̄▽ ̄)

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