Girly Sae-chan.

Here’s a translation of some parts of Sae-chan’s latest blog post.

To write a girly blog post I’ve really tried hard with image treatment and things. lol

Today I’m going to write a more girly entry(⌒▽⌒)✨

Lately, to live in the “Wah! Wah!” and commotion of every day, when I have a bit of time I’ve been quickly looking up beauty things on my mobile. lol

Whatever the time, I want to at least take care of my skin properly.

,,,Although I say that, a fair proportion of the time I sleep with my makeup on. lol

What I say and what I do are completely different… unchilol

At this point there’s quite a lengthy talk (with photos) about various beauty products before she says some more about graduation season (Team S members Nakanishi Yuka and Sato Mieko are graduating this month).

Partings are lonely.
Maybe we can’t just change feelings that easily,,,

These feelings will make me strong again, that’s what I believe.

Therefore, let’s go on without just shedding sad tears. tulip_yellow tulip_red tulip_purple tulip_pink tulip_orange

That’s all!!!!

That was the girly entry( ̄▽ ̄)

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